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In a world that heralds adaptability and the capacity to fit wherever you are placed—what then happens to those of us who are "too difficult" to make assimilate? Neptune asks us all to imagine what a space created for those who are "too traumatized," "too hurt," "too fearful," or "too criminalized" to be loved properly, could look like.

Neptune is our main character Wayne's (black, queer & poz) journey story, as he navigates a volatile outburst on a packed subway train, to an intense police investigation, to then fleeing in search of “that place,” all the while wearing the scarlet letter of being an “HTL” (Hard To Love).

Wayne’s journey is just as historic as it is deeply personal. Watch as Wayne attempts to build a world outside of everything he has ever known. Let’s all see if there truly is life outside this planet.

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"Timothy DuWhite combines his incredible experience with astute observational comedy and sharp self-reflection to create a compelling performance complemented by exceptional storytelling craft. With rich metaphor and rhythmic tension, he takes us on a journey of hardship, humor, and beauty, and ultimately writes into existence a new way of being in the 21st century. Neptune is an extraordinary triumph!" - Mark Hayes, Dixon Place Artistic Associate


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