"LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX, BAY-BEE!" Umm, actually, no, I think we've talked about sex enough! In this writing workshop, instead of having "sexy" discourse around HIV/AIDS we'll be discussing the ways in which HIV/AIDS remains a form of state-sanctioned violence.  We will look at how race, gender, class, and the "medical industrial complex" informs how we talk, treat, and live with HIV as we all work towards creating language to being "poz."

HIV & The State: Coalition Building Beyond The Condom



This talk/workshop poses questions centered around the notion and practice of abolition. Why is prison and police abolition necessary? How do we enact abolition on a practical, every day level? What are alternatives for safety? In a world rifled with anti-Blackness, white-supremacy, and queer antagonism, the question "What are you abolishing?" is as much a call to arms as it is an inquiry.

What Are You Abolishing?: Prison/Police Abolition in Action


This is a 

poetry writing workshop that focuses on building craft, and artistic voice. In this workshop participants will be exposed to the work of contemporary poets doing exciting things on the page, today. After the presentation and discussion of the artist work participants will have 15 minutes to respond to a prompt formulated from the text. Once writing time is over participants will be given a chance to share their work and get communal feedback. 

Writing Across Spectrum


We've all had that moment! When you reveal to someone that you're a performance artist (rapper, poet, singer, actor, etc.) and their first response is, "Lemme hear somthin'." Now you are presented with one of two options: ignore their request and instead inform them that your art comes with a price or.......... LET THEM HEAR SOMETHIN'. This workshop is birthed out of a desire to prepare you should you choose the latter! While attending this performance workshop you will be pushed to "turn it on" no matter the environment. Whether on a stage, in a classroom, in a busy train cart, "Lemme Hear Somethin" will equip you with the tools you'll need to be authentic and true every time you open yourself up to share your art.

Slam School: Lemme Hear Somthin'